Are the newsletter and the SB Pro Academy free of charge?

Access to the newsletter is free, full access to the SB Pro Academy is fee based.

How much will the complete course cost?

XXX $. This price will not go down in any case, but will probably go up.

Are there any offers or discounts on the course?

No. Only the first XX who pre-book before XX/XX/XX/XX will have a special introductory price which will be discontinued as soon as the quota is reached.

Who is behind SB Pro?

The team is made up of gaming industry professionals who have worked in the sports betting industry for more than 10 years. SB Pro was created to offer a practical approach, explaining things with real examples and in a very graphic way to help you retain the information and implement it as a bettor.

What will I find in this training?

Guidelines, techniques, strategies and practical models to implement in order to make your sports betting profitable.

What is the format of the training?

Each module includes written material, videos, exercises and an evaluation to measure your progress.

Is it a theoretical or practical course?

We explain the theory so that you can put it into practice. The examples and case studies are designed for you to put into practice and analyse the change in your results.

Will I see real examples?

Yes, we don’t just explain what to do, but how to put it into the practical reality of sports betting.

What will I learn that I can’t find elsewhere?

Information that you can only get if you work in a company in the gambling industry. That’s the biggest difference that you won’t find anywhere else.

Who is this training for?

To all those who have an interest in the world of sports betting, both beginners and more demanding people who already have a background as bettors or are interested in learning more about the gambling sector.

Who is this training NOT for?

We do not recommend it if you believe that things are effortless and you expect to make thousands of dollars in the first few days.

Do I need to know a lot about betting to understand the course?


The approach of the course is divided into blocks where you progress in a gradual way. From the first module you will see useful and practical tips that will allow you to understand how a bookmaker works and what you can apply as a bettor to improve your results.

I am an experienced bettor: is this course too basic for me?

There may be terms that you have mastered, but just for those techniques that we explain thanks to having worked for many years in sports betting companies, it will be worthwhile for you to access the complete training.

Do you answer questions about the course?

Yes, there is a customer support service exclusively for SB Pro Academy members. You will not get this service if you are not a member of the Academy.

Will I earn money from day one?

If you are looking to make a lot of money effortlessly and in a short period of time, this course is not for you.
If you are looking to understand how to get positive results in the long term and not rely on luck, the SB Pro Academy is the perfect place for you.

How do I know I will pay for this course?

The practical, step-by-step plan that you will be able to apply is worth the investment and is more than justified. The knowledge will save you a lot of time and money, as you will learn how bookmakers work from the inside to be able to spot the opportunities in your favour.

Is there a money-back guarantee if I am not satisfied?

This training is focused from the user’s point of view so that you can internalise everything you learn and put it into practice in order to improve and measure your progress. We will know your evolution and pace of learning, so that once you have completed the training you will have acquired skills of the highest value, in no case will you be refunded the course fee once you have successfully completed it.
Our commitment is to train you and make sure you understand everything you have learnt, for which we will answer any questions associated with the course once you access the Academy.

For which countries is the course valid?

You can take the course in any country, although you will see examples of some bookmakers that may not operate in your country. The techniques are common to apply to any sports betting operator.

Will I be able to apply what I have learnt in my country?

Yes, as long as you comply with the legal requirements of the country or state in which you are located. Nothing you are going to learn is illegal, so you will be able to adapt it to your country of origin.

Is this course only useful for online gambling or also for land-based gambling halls?

Although we mostly focus on online gambling, you will see plenty of examples valid for land-based bookmakers, as well as the similarities and differences between online and land-based bookmakers.